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Andrea is absolutely amazing! We used her Doula magic for the birth of our daughter. We always look forward to our visits with her. We learned so much from this amazing woman, prior to birth, during and even after the birth. She truly is a sense peace and feels like family to us! I'm not sure how anyone does it without her. We highly recommend Andrea! 
Pregnant Woman in Nature

Andrea has supported me mentally, physically and spiritually for a number of years before my pregnancy through massage, reiki, and being a source of womanly wisdom.  It was a no brainer for me to turn to her when I found out I was expecting. 

Throughout my pregnancy, Andrea gave me positive encouragement when I felt anxious, and helped me come up with strategies for coping with labor.  She also offered prenatal massage as an added comfort.  Her ability to calm my anxiety is almost magical!

When she came to meet me at the hospital, it was early morning, and I was in active labor. She brought my husband coffee, and jumped right in to coaching me through the contractions. Even when I thought I wasn't strong enough, her gentle encouragement and trust in my strength gave me the energy to make it through each incredibly strong contraction.  When I went from 4cm to 10cm in one hour, she was able to help me and my husband prepare for birth- she showed my husband where to stand and help me, and then she held me from above and whispered strength into my ears while I pushed.

Postpartum, Andrea picked up my placenta and encapsulated it for me.  Taking the capsules daily has really boosted my postpartum energy and motivation.  Andrea also came to visit during the first week and my postpartum massage was wonderful!!  Thanks for everything, Andrea!       


Andrea was my Doula for both of my boys and I could not have asked for a better experience.                     -Gretchen
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Andrea was available anytime we wanted to discuss any concerns we had, and my wife just loved her and the support and guidance throughout pregnancy and birth. Thank you, Andrea.                 -Edi
Baby Holding Parent

Andrea was our doula for the birth of our daughter. She was supportive of me throughout my pregnancy. The resources that Andrea provided for me really made a difference in making me feel confident about homebirth. 

When I went into labor, I felt very confused and wasn't sure if I was actually in labor or in prelabor. I didn't sleep all night. Once Andrea got there, she assured me that I was in labor and helped me get into a comfortable position so that I could get some rest between contractions and prepare for the birth to come. Andrea is very knowledgeable about what women need during labor.

She also made sure that my partner felt incorporated, by encouraging him to also bring me snacks and drinks, helping him to set up the birth tub, and showing him how to apply pressure to the back of my hips during contractions to help my body open up for my baby to descend. I felt very safe with Andrea around. Once she arrived, I felt very calmed and didn't worry at all about what was going to happen. I could let it happen knowing someone was looking out for me. There was a picture taken at the birth right after my daughter was born and put into my arms. You can see Andrea standing right behind me, looking over my shoulder, with a big smile on her face. I treasure that picture because that is exactly how I remember Andrea's presence at my birth--like an angel hovering over my shoulder, looking out for me. I feel very lucky to have had Andrea as a part of my pregnancy and birth.                                                                                  -Hallie

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